Clyde Frazier rips into LeBron during awkward Lakers timeout

It seems that LeBron James “does not really care”.

Those are the words of Walt “Clyde” Frazier, who called the Lakers star for sitting alone, apart from the team, during a timeout while Los Angeles was visiting the Knicks at the Garden on Sunday.

The Lakers, who entered the game 31-38 and will not be part of the playoffs, have had a chaotic season in Year 1 of LeBron, with injuries, exchanges that were not and a lot of loss.

You can see everything in James’ face, a face that offered no advice in the group, not even in the group.

“This kind of behavior … when you’re the face of the NBA, you should be more part of your team, friends,” Frazier said in the MSG broadcast. “No matter what’s going on, in the audience, you have to be part of the team, maybe in the dressing room you’re not, but you have to exude that kind of union in public, friends, and right now we see that you do not really care ”

The 34-year-old, who publicly questioned the main motivations of his teammates several times in the last month, is still almost impossible to stop when he is on the court. Throughout three quarters, James was 7-for-11 for 24 points with five assists.

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