MySpace lost 12 years of user content

In the early 2000s, MySpace introduced us to the world of social networks. In a few years it became a great platform for music, where bands could share their songs and users could customize their profiles with their favorite songs. Even though its popularity faded in the shadows of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and as the music streaming sites came to dominate, MySpace remained a music platform. The fact that he helped launch artists like Arctic Monkeys, Panic! In The Disco, Sean Kingston and Kate Nash, as well as his redesign with the theme of Justin Timberlake, gave him some credibility.

But that could have been erased, along with some 50 million songs. This weekend, a banner on the site announced that audio files loaded for more than three years will no longer be available.

According to the site’s announcement: “As a result of a server migration project, it is possible that the photos, videos and audio files that you have uploaded over three years ago are no longer available on or from MySpace.” Some estimate that almost 50 million songs from 2003 to 2015 have been lost. According to MySpace users on Reddit, all pre-2015 music stopped working about a year ago. First, customers were told that MySpace would fix the problem and then they were told that the files were damaged and could not be transferred to the new site.

This is not the only MySpace controversy in recent years. In 2017, we learned that anyone could access their old MySpace account if they knew their date of birth. In 2016, Time Inc. (which bought MySpace the same year) confirmed that MySpace was hacked. And in 2012, MySpace fought Apple for the Apple Music app icon. Losing millions of songs, especially the songs that, at this time, are linked to nostalgia for the bad taste of music and home tracks, will probably irritate MySpace fans more than anything the company has done so far.

We contacted MySpace to make comments and update the story when we receive a response.

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