Paris Jackson Is All Smiles With Boyfriend After Medical Scare

Paris Jackson left with a smile, and her boyfriend, after being treated after a medical scare.

MY! On Saturday, the news learned that the 20-year-old model and the daughter of the late Michael Jackson had had an incident that morning that required medical treatment and that she was resting at home and well. MY! The news also learned that a TMZ report indicating that the emergency response staff had placed her under a 5150 hold at a local hospital for a few hours was not true. Later, Paris published in his Instagram story a selfie in a vehicle, writing: “F-kk, I’m relaxed like Bob Dylan”.

On Saturday afternoon, she photographed herself in Paris driving and walking in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and fellow Soundflowers band Gabriel Glenn. She was all smiles during the departure.

A source told E! The news that Paris came home around 2 p.m. smiling, and that she and Gabriel later went out to buy something from KFC and watch a movie.

Paris made headlines in 2013 when she was hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide, which was not her first attempt, but the first to be made public. His mother, Debbie Rowe, had said that her daughter is still “devastated” by the death of her father in 2009. Paris later spent time in a residential therapy program.

In January, E! The news learned that Paris had registered with a treatment facility to “take time to reset, realign and prioritize her physical and emotional health.” Paris later tweeted that he had “taken a break” and that he was “happy and healthy and that he felt better than ever”.

The latest medical scare in Paris came a couple of weeks ago since the release of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, which focuses on two men who accuse the late King of Pop of sexual abuse by children. The resounding accusations have sparked controversy and generated much media attention, and have also generated new speculation about the mental health of Paris. Recently it closed the rumors that supposedly it is in a “downward spiral”.

When a fan recently asked Paris on Twitter if he “would change the wealth for the freedom of the disgusting press,” Paris responded: “I have the same moral compass as my father, but not the level of patience. No peace in the same way, but I’m more aggressive. I do not feel idle when I see injustices happening, especially when they are directed towards me or my family. F – k, that noise. ”

“There’s nothing I can say that has not already been said about the defense,” Paris added. “[My cousin] Taj [Jackson] is doing a perfect job for himself, and I support it, but that’s not my role, I’m just trying to get everyone to relax and go with the flow, be gentle and think bigger. . That’s me “.

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