Qualcomm beats Apple in multi-million-dollar patent infringement case

Qualcomm has successfully filed its last lawsuit against Apple in a San Diego court. Its jury has ruled that the Cupertino company actually used 3 patents that did not belong to it in the manufacture of its iPhones 2016-2018. Qualcomm can now collect the $ 31 million that, as claimed, Apple must pay for this infraction.

Qualcomm is the winner in a case that has filed against Apple. It was deliberated in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego before a jury. Qualcomm’s argument was that the Cupertino giant had infringed 3 of its patents in the manufacture of iPhones 7 through X. It resulted in a decision that this did occur, and that the defendant was responsible for the financial penalties specified by the plaintiff. .

The pieces of intellectual property in question are registered as the US patents. UU No. 8,838,949, No. 9,535,490 and No. 8,633,936. According to Qualcomm, the latter has been violated in the production of Apple iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X. The other two have been used without permission on these phones, and also on iPhones 7 and 7 Plus.

The three patents seem to be vital for the smart phone function as we know it: Qualcomm states that number 8,838,949 allows a phone to boot regardless of a dedicated flash module; The number 9,535,490 is responsible for the rapid establishment of the data connection after startup, and the number 8,633,936 is associated with the quality and performance of the graphics. The decision made in the San Diego court allows the company to charge Apple a total of US $ 31 million for its use.

This sum (which equals $ 1.41 per unit of the devices involved) may seem small, especially considering Apple’s large size and cash reserves. However, Qualcomm is promoting the ruling as an important victory against the company in its ongoing general legal battle against it.

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