Three big lessons from the Warriors’ wins over Houston, Oklahoma City

The Warriors played possibly their best game of the season on Saturday, a two-way domination of the Oklahoma City Thunder that ended in a 22-point victory on the road, 110-88.

Immediately after Saturday’s victory and Wednesday’s stunning victory over Houston in Texas, the Warriors seem to have regained their confidence. And to think, they did it all without Kevin Durant in the lineup.

As the playoffs are fast approaching, some lessons were drawn from the last two games and what that could mean:

Klay Thompson must be on the All-Defensive team

Kyrie Irving could be a world-class troll these days, but she was right about one thing.
So, it seems that I might need to review my views on the shape of the Earth. (Who knows what else might be right?)

“I’d like to see him on other defensive teams,” Irving said of his main defender, Klay Thompson, in the Warriors’ January win over Boston.

When Irving was told that Thompson had never made an NBA Defensive Team in his career in the Hall of Fame, the answer was blunt and accurate:

“That’s a bull …”

Those who know, like Irving, have been carrying this flag for weeks, if not months, but this must be the 82-game campaign that rights that evil. And if my colleagues in the media with votes for that award need some persuasion, they just need to see what Thompson did in his last two games.

On Wednesday against James Harden, he kept the Rockets star with nine points on 23 possessions, without failing him once. They are not exactly the MVP numbers.

On Saturday, Thompson was the main defender of Russell Westbrook. Historically, this has been a great showdown for Thompson and, earlier this season, allowed Westbrook to score only two points on 36 possessions. On Saturday, Thompson overcame that, not allowing Westbrook to score on him.

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